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Established to deliver high-end aviation capabilities.

StarFlight (StarFlight Australia and StarFlight Victoria) was started by two iconic Australian organisations, LifeFlight Australia and Linfox. StarFlight brings together the trusted experience, expertise and infrastructure of the LifeFlight group of companies and the unparalleled capability for logistic supply and support of the Linfox Group.


LifeFlight Australia brings decades of experience in mission-critical aviation operations to the StarFlight Australia partnership, having completed critical rescue missions that have helped 81,000+ people since 1979. LifeFlight Australia has nine community helicopters, four Air Ambulance jets, eight base facilities, and access to 170+ Critical Care Doctors.

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Linfox brings a deep understanding of aviation and airport operations, backed by their global logistics network, to the StarFlight Australia partnership. Linfox is Asia Pacific’s largest privately-owned logistics company with operations employing more than 24,000 people and spanning 12 countries.

Our team comprises some of the most qualified aviation and logistics professionals in the world including flight and medical crews, engineering and maintenance personnel, logistics specialists and program managers. Together we provide aviation services for emergency services, Defence and industry clients providing true value for money capability whilst also benefiting Australian communities.

StarFlight has delivered world-leading solutions to incredibly complex aviation requirements. Our strength is in our ability to solve a problem from the ground up. We work closely with clients to understand their requirement and deliverables; ensuring the selection of the most suitable aircraft type based on the requirements and operating environment; development of specialised mission system design, provision of specialist aviation and emergency services personnel, through to the construction of aircraft hangars and aircrew facilities - anywhere in the world.

100% Australian owned
We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. We believe that critical aviation services - aeromedical retrieval, search and rescue, law enforcement and Defence, patient repatriation, crew training and emergency coordination - should be supported by Australian companies to help build the country’s sovereign capability.
Majority Australian supplied
50% profits to the community

LifeFlight brings decades of experience in safe, rapid response aviation operations to the StarFlight partnership.

"We look for good people who are capable and passionate about what they do, and by creating StarFlight we have brought some of the best people in the aviation and logistics industries together. I’m proud of what we have achieved and I’m looking forward to seeing StarFlight continue growing as one of the most capable aviation services providers in Australia."

Lindsay Fox AC - Linfox Founder and Executive Chairman

"StarFlight was initially created to provide high-end aviation capability for Government and Defence Services customers, and we saw it as an opportunity to establish a true, niche sovereign capability in the Australian rotary and fixed wing sector. The capability delivered to Victoria Police Air Wing is world class and we’re looking forward to expanding this capability across other industry sectors in the coming years."

Dennis Richardson AC – Chairman, StarFlight Board

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LifeFlight is a world leader in integrated aeromedical retrieval, with its own dedicated fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, a 170-strong team of Critical Care Doctors, flight crews, a world-leading communications, coordination and control centre, training academy and engineering and maintenance personnel.

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Linfox is Asia Pacific’s largest privately-owned logistics company, employing more than 24,000 people in its operations across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. The multinational team is responsible for delivering food, medicines and resources worth $60 billion a year across a network of 200 warehouses, for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

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