StarFlight offers unmatched aviation capability and expertise leading the way for law enforcement and Defence, emergency response, including aeromedical retrieval and search and rescue, and support services solutions.

2022-2023 at a glance

  • 7,349 people assisted
  • 2,299 people helped by community helicopters
  • 473 people helped by Air Ambulance jets
  • 170+ critical care doctors
  • 450+ employees
  • 120+ volunteers.

Law enforcement and Defence

StarFlight is helping to transform how our police force and Defence services acquire and sustain the next generation of aviation capability.   Our focus on foundation mission systems architecture, modular design and integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) suites enables an optimised user-centric experience on the frontline.

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Emergency response, including aeromedical retrieval and search and rescue

Working with our Technology Partners and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), StarFlight Australia is uniquely positioned to support high-end, nationally visible state and federal emergency services contracts.

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Support services

Bolstering the services, StarFlight’s operational hub, the LifeFlight Communications, Coordination and Control Centre (C3), is responsible for coordinating complex operations across Australia and around the world. C3 is staffed around the clock by a team of experienced aviation operation coordinators who specialise in retrieval medicine, emergency response, medical management, and aviation disciplines.