StarFlight provides bespoke, mission-critical aviation services, with a focus on safety.

StarFlight Australia operates in compliance with aviation regulations, specific industry and quality standards and Global Oil and Gas standards across the continuum of our aviation operations. We offer fixed and rotary wing solutions, training, operations oversight and maintenance and engineering support.

StarFlight Australia was established to deliver value for money (VFM), bespoke capabilities for customers who work in very challenging environments. We understand that for our customers, the unusual is business as usual.

As our customers’ Capability Steward, we share their passion for delivering world-class services to the communities they serve. Whether that be complex aeromedical retrieval operations in remote sites, or demanding, zero-margin-for-error law enforcement operations, we understand that there are no excuses – reliability and availability of the platforms is everything.

StarFlight capabilities

  • Provision of qualified and experienced personnel:

Medical Crew, including Consultants, Registrars, Nurses and Paramedics

Flight Crew, including pilots and aircrew personnel

Engineering personnel

  • Comprehensive recurrency training & checking:

Flight Crew recurrency, training & checking aircrew and rescue crew training and recurrency

LifeFlight Training Academy (Registered Training Organisation – 2762)
Tailor- made training solutions
Aircrew recurrency, training & checking
Medical crew training
Thales Type D AW139 Full Flight Simulator
Aircrew Simulator

  • Systems and process development
  • Compliance and safety standards
  • Operations coordination centre
  • Fleet operations management
  • Aeromedical hardware and procurement
  • Aircraft specialist fit out
  • Aircraft maintenance and engineering


Program Management

Program Management

At StarFlight Australia we understand that proactive Program Management can make all the difference in delivering complex solutions that address challenging capability requirements. Our Program Managers are authorised to act in the best interests of the capability, putting the client’s interests ahead of any other.

They are also held accountable through regular program updates and review gates, visible to all involved parties, and operate within a ‘no surprises’ culture – potential issues are flagged early and mitigated before they become issues. This approach lives on throughout the entirety of the contract.

Emergency Services

Working with our Technology Partners and OEMs, StarFlight Australia is uniquely positioned to support high-end, Nationally-visible State and Federal Emergency Services contracts. As your trusted partner, we are solutions-oriented and easy to work with, providing demonstrable Value for Money. We are guided by a values based relationship management philosophy – a partner that you can trust to uphold the highest traditions of your Force.

Non traditional solutions for Defence

StarFlight is helping to transform how Defence acquires and sustains the next generation of aviation capability. Moving beyond the traditional OEM-centric approach, our aviation experience provides a range of commercially flexible solutions for Defence – real capability delivered at a known and predicable per hour cost.

StarFlight Australia is a proud member of the Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN).

Aeromedical retrieval

Providing pre-hospital care to seriously ill and injured patients at the scene of an accident and en route to hospital. Our reliable and capable rotary-wing and fixed-wing fleet has been transformed into flying intensive care units with the latest technology.

Search and rescue

Our fleet of AW139 and Bell 412EP helicopters have been purposely reconfigured for HEMS and SAR tasks, ensuring ill or injured people receive vital aero-medical care.

Emergency response coordination

The LifeFlight Coordination Centre is our operational hub, responsible for coordinating complex operations across Australia and around the world. The Coordination Centre is staffed around the clock by a team of experienced aviation operation coordinators who specialise in retrieval medicine, emergency response, medical management, and aviation disciplines.

Aviation Training

Full-service, CASA approved aviation training facility in Brisbane. The LifeFlight Training Aeromedical Academy is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering both aviation and medical aeromedical/SAR training throughout Queensland. Courses can be tailormade to suit individual requirements.

Integrated logistics support

Leveraging Linfox integrated logistics support, comprehensive turn-key solutions for logistics services including passenger and freight transport.

“When the State of Victoria went to market for new Police Air-Wing capability, the StarFlight approach set them apart from the competition. Importantly, it was clear to me that they were absolutely committed to putting forward the best available solutions that would give the customer exactly what they wanted. The program as delivered included a range of significant and complex modifications that were essential to the capability but were not available from factory. 

We were able to work with StarFlight in a highly collaborative way that could leverage each organisations’ unique strengths, delivering project outcomes that have now redefined what is possible in the aerial policing and tactical mission space. We are certainly proud to have worked together with Starflight to deliver on this important, world class capability to the State of Victoria.”

Will Shrapnel – Managing Director, HeliMods

Case study

Victoria Police Badge

Victoria Police AW139 tactical and special operations delivery

StarFlight successfully responded to Victoria Police’s RFT for the supply, delivery and maintenance of rotary wing aircraft and aircraft mission systems equipment with a solution that focused on the end-user experience, at high levels of availability and reliability. Victoria Police’s need to deliver and sustain this high performance, nationally visible, value or money capability is supported by our long-term, best for capability approach.

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