Victoria Police

Victoria Police - world leading aircraft design helping keep Victorians safe

StarFlight’s work with Victoria Police (VICPOL) has delivered a capability now regarded in the industry as one of the best multi-role policing helicopter operations in the world.

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These airborne police teams provide emergency and search and rescue operations, extended offshore marine safety and law enforcement, and operational policing duties.

Faced with increasing operational demands, a changing threat profile and a desire for high availability and reliability, VICPOL went to market for the next generation in aviation capability.

Unsurprisingly, the list of mandatory capability requirements for their new Air Wing was unprecedented.

So working closely with our aircraft modification partner HeliMods and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the interiors of a new fleet of AW139 helicopters were built from the ground up.

Using the latest airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) digital mission suite, this new augmented technology acts like an ergonomic workstation. It gives its users an intuitive mission cockpit that combines tactical imagery, instrumentation and live multi-user data. That data can be relayed in real time to coordination teams on the ground for greater support. In short, the new design means a significantly improved operation and an ability for crew to work together on the aircraft like never before.

StarFlight delivered the new fleet of aircraft, on time and on budget, and through the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. StarFlight provides the engineering and maintenance for a service that has now recorded a 98% availability rate after 3,300 flying hours in its first year of a 10-year operation.

It is innovation and client focus, at its best.


“When the State of Victoria went to market for new Police Air-Wing capability, the StarFlight approach set them apart from the competition. Importantly, it was clear to me that they were absolutely committed to putting forward the best available solutions that would give the customer exactly what they wanted. The program as delivered included a range of significant and complex modifications that were essential to the capability but were not available from factory.

We were able to work with StarFlight in a highly collaborative way that could leverage each organisations’ unique strengths, delivering project outcomes that have now redefined what is possible in the aerial policing and tactical mission space. We are certainly proud to have worked together with Starflight to deliver on this important, world class capability to the State of Victoria.”

Will Shrapnel – Managing Director, HeliMods.DOP

VIC POL file image 1

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