Engineering and maintenance

StarFlight’s safety record is underpinned by LifeFlight’s in-house, integrated engineering and maintenance department - one of the most advanced operations of its kind in Australia.

The team is skilled in performing all levels of repair and maintenance on AW139, AW169, B412, AS350, and BK117 helicopters, as well as Challenger 604 fixed wing jets, including major aircraft inspections. Our fixed and rotary wing engineering department is also capable of performing significant maintenance activities, fleet management tasks and major aircraft inspections on a broader range of fixed and rotary wing assets used for complex air ambulance, medical retrieval, search and rescue, police and firefighting operations.

Where highly specialised aircraft engine maintenance is required, we partner with some of the most experienced aircraft manufacturers in the world.

This mature fleet management experience ensures high availability of aircraft for all clients.

Our specialists also manage the engineering and maintenance requirements for ground handling equipment required for the aircraft, including aircraft towing vehicles, tooling, and support equipment. In addition, the team deploys engineering support personnel to third party aviation organisations for on-site support and manages an in-house training and apprenticeship program.