Our approach

Our ability to work as a strong team protects communities and saves lives.

Our performance, whether at the scene of an emergency, in the community, or within our offices where critical support work happens, is on display to the general public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We treat our co-workers, suppliers and partners with dignity and respect, ensuring safe working conditions and conducting professional, environmentally responsible, ethical operations. More than that, we believe that respectful, professional conduct furthers the team’s mission, promotes productivity, minimises disputes, and enhances our culture and reputation.

The nature of the emergency work we do, and how we interact with the community in the delivery of those services, speaks to who we are and the values we uphold. Our commitment reflects a dedication to the highest air transport safety standards in the world, to realise our vision and mission.

Our Vision

Deliver aviation solutions for law enforcement, Defence and emergency response services that save lives.

Our Mission

Provide tailor-made solutions for complex aviation challenges across Australia.

Our Values

We prioritise our safety and that of our customers, our partners and our communities above all else, and we embrace continuous improvement to safety for our assets, our systems and our processes.