Safety and assurance

A standards-led organisation, StarFlight operates to the highest safety and assurance standards in the world.

Across the continuum of our operations, from aviation regulations to specific industry quality standards, including global oil and gas standards, safety is our first priority.

LifeFlight Australia Ltd maintains accreditation of the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. The wider group of companies is committed to ensuring that the highest quality standards are met in all activities, including those of StarFlight.

Understanding and supporting international regulations and specific industry standards keeps our operations compliant, and our people safe. We know staying safe requires strong risk management.

Non-Negotiable Principles

StarFlight manages risk in line with our values, by setting non-negotiable principles in our risk framework. These principles not only help us set expectations for the work that needs to be done, but how we expect that work to be delivered.

  • We are committed to safety as our first priority.
  • We comply with laws and regulations.
  • We treat people with respect.
  • We act with honesty and integrity, upholding ethical standards.
  • We are committed to true and fair financial reporting.
  • We are committed to environmental sustainability.
  • We have a responsibility to safeguard StarFlights reputation, brand, property, assets and information.
  • We proactively manage risk.

StarFlight’s safety management system sits within the broader risk framework of structured policies, principles and management procedures. This ensures a consistent and coherent approach across the whole organisation and promotes a high standard of corporate safety competence as a basis for achieving continual improvement in safety performance.