The community benefits when you partner with StarFlight.

When you partner with StarFlight Australia you also partner with the community, and in particular, the people of regional and rural Australia in need of emergency critical care.

Approximately 50% of profits from StarFlight Australia’s business operations are redirected to the delivery of LifeFlight Australia’s community helicopter rescue service, which has served Australians for more than 40 years.

LifeFlight’s iconic helicopter and fixed wing rescue and patient repatriation service delivers more than 5600 aeromedical missions each year and relies on community fundraising and profits from commercial partnerships to supplement government funding.

The Linfox Group also has a long tradition of supporting the community. From bringing aid to people in need when natural disasters strike, to the funding and delivery of community projects that enrich the lives of Australians, Linfox is committed to serving the community.

Being positively engaged with Australian communities has long been a part of how we work. If you are looking for an aviation partner who is as passionate about this as you are, partnering with StarFlight Australia ensures that community needs are always considered.

StarFlight and the community