What we do

StarFlight leverages the combined expertise of our parent companies - critical rescue mission capabilities that have helped over 81,000+ people and 100 years of aviation and logistics know-how - to deliver world-class services to our customers and their communities.

Connecting our capability to our client’s needs, StarFlight offers an unmatched suite of aviation solutions (both fixed and rotary wing) in law enforcement and Defence, emergency services and rescue, aeromedical retrieval operations, patient repatriation, and oil and gas.

We are a leading provider of mission-critical fixed and rotary wing services with capabilities in:

  • aircraft, mission systems and design
  • specialist personnel
  • engineering and maintenance
  • training and checking
  • communications and coordination
  • operating facility design and construction
  • logistics co-ordination.

We understand that safety, reliability and affordability is critical.

StarFlight’s head office is located in Brisbane, with access to an extensive fleet of rotary and fixed wing aircraft from nine established bases on the east coast of Australia.

StarFlight also leverages Linfox’s comprehensive supply chain and long-distance logistics capabilities, as well as their specialised facilities and state-of-the-art technology to deliver end-to-end solutions for clients.

Below are a list of assets and bases available through StarFlight’s partner LifeFlight. To view the capability and network leveraged through StarFlight’s partner Linfox, click here.

Assets and Bases:

Path 249

15 rotary wing aircraft

Group 218

4 fixed wing aircraft

Group 16

9 operational bases

Group 20

1 heavy maintenance facility

Group 18

10 LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine Bases (including 3rd party bases)